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We apply the engineering through design, simulation of prototypes and transport lines, manufacturing, assembly and implemetation with control and automatization, while improving its production lines under a concept of resistance and efficiency.

We apply our experience in the development of:

• Belt conveyors with troughs or type table and chain.
• Bucket elevators.
• Screw conveyors.
• Ventilation and regulation system for air flow - AIR FLOW SYSTEM.



Manufacture of disarmable metal structures:
• Gateways with handrails. 
• Platforms.
• Stairs.
• Storage silos.

We also provide coating system for metal surfaces with:

• Ceramic coatings for abrasion and wear.
• Epoxy paints for corrosive agents.



We manufacture parts and components according to technical specifications with traceability, metrology and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology, in materials such as special steels, bronze alloys and engineering plastics.

Oil sector. Parts and accessories for oil drilling equipment:
• Flanges API, spacer spool, doble stud adapter, swage nipple, coupling.
• Drilling and production tools (API connections).
• Fluid end modules, and tees.
• Thread protector, mud hopper, cable pulleys.
• Piston rod - extensión rod (sludge bomb).


Industrial sector. Parts for machinery and production lines:
• Shafts, rollers, pulleys, pinions, bushings, etc.


Productos y Servicios

Since the year 2006 we have the certification of our quality system according to the ISO 9001:2000 standards.

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corporative values

COMMUNICATION. Learn to listen and convey information clearly and accurately.

TEAMWORK. Willingness to join efforts to achieve common goals.

SERVICE. Continuous attitude to exceed the needs and customer expectations.

LIABILITY. Comply with the agreement.

RESPECT. Recognizing and valuing differences.

COMMITMENT. Personal and professional effort to meet the proposed goals.