Productos y Servicios

Since the year 2006 we have the certification of our quality system according to the ISO 9001:2000 standards.


Our commitment is to secure and manage our processes, as well as the traceability in the documentation and everything related to the requirements of ISO 9001:2000. All of the above drives us to improve the training of our staff, review the procedures for verification and control, and always rely on qualified providers.

scope of the certification

Productos y Servicios

Manufacturing and marketing of parts and machined accessories in ferrous metals, non ferrous and plastics for industrial use. Services in machining and mechanical element repair for sectors such as the petrochemical, ceramic, steel, and manufacturing in general. Engineering and project development in mechanics and assemblies.

quality policy

For SOLUCIONES MECÁNICAS E INGENIERÍA, a metal mechanic company dedicated to design and develop engineering projects and assemblies, manufacture industrial parts and provide machined services to various sectors of the industry, the most important thing is to maintain and improve the customer satisfaction.

We always take into account the customers needs, meeting the technical specifications, delivering products on time, and offering competitive prices.

We generate value-added to the products and services we offer, through an effective and timely technical support.

All our actions are based on the philosophy of continuous improvement, which we promote through the training of our staff, and the optimization of the processes that shape our quality management system.


value-added service

The engineering and innovation of design, simulation, part manufacturing, assembly and installation based upon a quality system has given us the experience to improve processes and provide better industrial solutions to our customers such as:

  • Manufacture of parts under the scheme of import substitution.
  • Manufacture of transport equipment.
  • Automatization and control.
  • Manufacture of disarmable metal structures.
  • Simulation of industrial plants and prototypes Vs. reduction of manufacturing costs for prototypes.

All these elements ensure that the customers find in SOLUCIONES MECANICAS E INGENIERÍA a reliable supplier that performs ingenieering projects, reducing risks and costs through the monitoring and control of schedules getting better results perceived by the customers.

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